Bruce Lin

Painting is my passion and a positive drive for every day. Each work is a new challenge, it makes me feel the joy of living and realize the meaning of life.



Bruce Lin 

an Artist - unique and different

His paintings inspire and encourage. 
His style: colorful, natural and profound. 

About Bruce Lin..

I came from Taiwan and live in Rotterdam since more than thirty years. Rotterdam is the largest port city in Europe. It is also a cultural metropolis with many festivals and museums. I love going to art museums and looking at the fabulous artworks. These inspired me to paint - to realize my childhood dream.

Bruce Lin says..

Don't think about creating art, just do it. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, love it or hate it. While they decide, I paint and create day by day.

Self Portrait
Oil Painting 50x60 cm by Bruce Lin 2021/7